Lifting equipment for Heavy Duty vehicles

Mobile column lift - 8,2t


SEFAC’s mobile lift columns designed to lift loads of 8.2t per column can lift a wide range of vehicles with tire diameters from 962 mm to 1,486 mm. The PME 82 SV with looped inter-connecting cables is configurable in sets of 2, 4, 6 and up to 8 columns.

SEFAC’s irreversible screw & bronze nut technology prevents the forks from lowering  without the mechanical activation of the motor, thus preventing any risk of the load dropping. It is the most reliable safety system! The screw works in traction which eliminates the problem of buckling which occurs frequetly in hydraulics. These features realise long service life of your columns with reduced maintenance costs..

SEFAC++ features

  • The lightest columns on the market, streamlined by design and easy to manoeuvre
  • Irreversible system that prevents the risk of the bronze nut falling
  • Maximum safety for operators
  • No risks of damage to the vehicle as there is no hydraulic mast
  • Reverse pallet truck-type drawbar, deadman’s control
  • Obstacle detection  
  • Patented bronze nut quick change device, worn nuts can be changed at your site within minutes
  • Electrical protection: IP54

Read about our technological solutions: Screw/nut system

Technical characteristics

Capacity per column 8,2t
Configuration (number of columns connected) 2 / 4 / 6 / 8
Connection mode Loop - Wired
Operating mode Individual, pair, set
Control mode Remote control


Fork width  962 to 1 154 mm
Lifting speed 680 mm/min
Descent speed 680 mm/min
Lifting height 1 820 mm
Height difference correction Default +-50mm
Spacing (l x L x h) 1 060 mm x 1 170 mm x 2 520 mm
Heet height 140 mm
Weight per column 438 kg
Engine power 2,9 kW
Protection rating IP54
Use Bus, Car, Tractors


Rail claw

LED lights

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