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 S4 - Cabled mobile lift with touch screen - 8.2t

The new SEFAC S4 mobile column can lift vehicles up to 50t with a capacity of 8.2t per column. It is possible to connect up to 6 mobile columns together and lift a wide range of vehicles with tire diameters ranging from 600 mm to 1,486 mm*.                                                                                                                             *Dimensions with fork adapters

3" color LCD touch screen

The S4 mobile column is equipped with an intuitive touch screen that gives you easily access to all the relevant information needed to operate your lifts. The screen has been designed to configure your columns quickly and to easily carry out a diagnosis in the event of a fault.

Option reinforced leveling ISO+

The S4 is configurable in ISO+ mode for a height correction of ± 2 mm.

Easy and quick maintenance

Change the bronze nut in less than 15 minutes thanks to the patented SEFAC bronze nut quick change device! SEFAC bronze screw/nut electro-mechanical technology guarantees minimal maintenance and a long life for your column lifts.

SEFAC safety

  • The lightest columns on the market
  • Irreversible system that prevents the risk of the bronze nut falling
  • Reverse pallet truck-type drawbar, deadman’s control
  • Easy to manouver
  • No risks of damage to the vehicle as there is no hydraulic mast
  • Obstacle detection
  • Low feet for low entry vehicles

Read about our technological solutions: Screw/nut system

  Technical characteristics

Mobile lift S4 
Lifting capacity per column 8,2t
Operating mode Single/Group of 2,4 or 6
Connection mode Cabled in star
Control mode Touch screen display
Tyre size 962 mm to 1 154 mm
Tyre size with wheel adaptors in option 600 mm to 1 486 mm

Lifting speed up

ISO+ option Lifting speed up

650 mm/min

435 mm/min

Lifting speed down

ISO+ option Lifting speed down

650 mm/min

435 mm/min

Lifting height 1 820 mm
Standard height difference correction +/- 8 mm
ISO+ heigh difference correction in option +/- 2 mm
Overall dimensions (l x L x h) 1 145 mm x 1 050 mm x 2 520 mm
Leg height 140 mm
Weight per column 450 kg
Engine power 2,9 kW
Electrical protection rating IP 54

LED lights

Wheel adaptors

Rail claw

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