Lifting equipment for Heavy Duty vehicles



SEFAC wireless technology

SWIP dedicated communication protocol (patented)

SEFAC has developed its wireless technology to optimize the operation of their column lifts and simplify their use. This protocol allows you to operate several sets of up to 8 columns simultaneously without interference and with great ease.
Wireless technology keeps the workspace free of cumbersome wires to maximize safety and save time!  You can move your columns easily and conveniently without having to worry about connections. The columns are fully charged in under 10 hours via the mains supply with the provided leads.

Intuitive navigation with multifunction LCD screen

Each column has a 3.7 inch LCD screen with colour backlighting that makes the configuration and use of the columns simple and user-friendly.

Its many features include:

  • The change of the display colour to indicate the operating status of the lift in an intuitive way
  • Real-time display of the lifting height and the lifted load
  • On-screen reminder of the date of periodic inspection

Opt for SEFAC wireless technology as well as additional benefits.

  • Each lift is delivered with a commissioning badge (RFID) with a unique code that avoids mixing up the columns when commissioning multiple sets at the same time.
  • The smooth levelling system achieves a high accuracy of +/- 6 mm
  • The variable speed automatically compensates to each columns load (patented system)
  • The user has the option to select the “slow speed” mode to perform precise approaches and operations
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