Lifting equipment for Heavy Duty vehicles
Ball screw

Ball screw

Ball screw

The SEFAC ball screw technology has many benefits over other solutions.

SEFAC optimized mechanical system

With the ball screw system there is no energy loss from friction and your SEFAC columns can achieve an efficiency of over 90%, reducing your electricity consumption.

Reduced wear and maintenance for column lifts

The protection of the screw (by means of a protective band or bellows) minimizes soiling of the screw-nut assembly and thus reduces wear and maintenance.

There are many benefits to the ball screw system

Using the ball screw technology, with its high efficiency, you can combine an electro-mechanical system with wireless technology (involving the need for embedded batteries). Despite the addition of these batteries, SEFAC once again offers the lightest columns on the market.

Milli-metric accuracy

The drive chain is powered by a motor with a brake. The brake is automatically activated when the lift is not working. In addition, each column has a safety catch with a 2.5 mm pitch (far from the +/-5 cm conventionally offered by hydraulic columns).

The ball screw system has no risk of hydraulic leakage

The viscosity of the oils used in the hydraulic columns can affect the operation of the columns in low temperatures. Since there is no hydraulic system, the availability of SEFAC columns does not depend on weather conditions.

Ball screw
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