Lifting equipment for Heavy Duty vehicles

Centralized vacuum system NettoBus®

NettoBus® is a revolutionary SEFAC system that can be used to vacuum clean the inside of buses and coaches. In less than 2 minutes, NettoBus® enables dry cleaning of waste such as paper, dust, packaging and newspapers. It provides an outstanding result in a very short time!

NettoBus® is secured to the floor. A compensating bellows, secured to the main unit is applied to one of the vehicle’s doors, the other door remains open to suck the air from the vehicle by creating a powerful airstream between the front and rear doors of the vehicle (thus covering its entire internal surface). This suction is generated by two propeller fans, each driven by a motor (located above the main unit). The air extracted from the vehicle after filtering is released outside through a chimney.

The return on investment is guaranteed before the first two years of use.

Our SEFAC experts are available to discuss your NettoBus® implementation project. 

Technical characteristics

Reference NettoBus®
Lenght 3 500 mm
Width -
Extended bellows width -
Height 5 800 mm
Power 2 x 22 kW
Sound level 75 dB
Compressed air for the bellows 7 to 13 bar
90 m3/h
Electricity 400 V
50 Hz
Troubleshooting assistance on the electrical box Included


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