Lifting equipment for Heavy Duty vehicles

Pit side stand

TDF 677

SEFAC has designed the TDF 677 pit side stand with a capacity of 13t for professionals using pits for their maintenance operations. The TDF 677 stand keeps the vehicle on its axle and stabilizes it so that you can continue to use the pit side or pit floor jack for other operations underneath the same vehicle. The TDF 677 has two independently adjustable stands. Each stand slides sideways and can be moved up to 200 mm. Due to its structure, the pit side or pit floor jack can be moved to either side of the pit. The TDF 677 requires an angle bar with a minimum width of 85 mm.

SEFAC++ features

  •  Suitable for pits of all dimensions
  •  Can be used with pit jacks of all brands
  • Free clearance of the jack in the upper position (e.g.: removal of a drive pinion carrier)

Caractéristiques techniques

Référence TDF 677
Capacité 13t
Hauteur min. 275 mm
Hauteur max. 675 mm
Largeur min. 950 mm
Largeur max. 1 250 mm
Profondeur 400 mm
Course 400 mm
Positions 8


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