Lifting equipment for Heavy Duty vehicles

Wheel dolly

SEFAC wheel dollies are essential equipment for assembling and disassembling single or double wheels on heavy duty vehicles (trucks, buses, cranes, tractors, vans, etc.). They have been designed to lift loads of up to 0.7t. 

SEFAC ++ features

  • Deadman’s control
  • Optimum safety
  • Easy to move with its 4 swivel wheels
  • Allows removal of a wide range of wheel sizes
  • Lifting arm fitted with double rollers to lift twin wheels 


Technical characteristics

Reference RAH 227 RAH 227/A RAH 227/B
Capacity 0,7t 0,7t 0,7t
A 1 410 mm 1 140 mm 1 445 mm
B 1 150 mm 1 150 mm 1 180 mm
C 650 mm 650 mm 920 mm
D 160 mm 220 mm 330 mm
E 1 000 mm 1 000 mm 1 010 mm
F 920 mm 920 mm 930 mm
G 1 150 mm 1 150 mm 1 170 mm
H - 470 mm 410 mm
I 770 mm 740 mm 670 mm


Technical diagram



Specifications :

RAH 227/A: the arms are adjustable in the transverse direction and tiltable, in order to facilitate the centering of the rim holes.

RAH 227/B: on the same principle as article 227/A but thanks to a greater lifting height, it can also be used to mount wheels on turning machines.

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